• I'Anson Cup

    2011Simon Whitley
    2010Simon Whitley
    2006Simon Whitley
    2006Paul Osborn
    1988Neil Elisha
    1969Geoff Tribe
    1929Fred Puttick
    1920Ernest Johnson
    1920Ingham Whitaker
  • Miller Cup

    2007Will Cage
    1993Graham Sampson
    1983Peter Clapham
    1934Reg Oakford
    1931Reg Oakford
    1925Harold Langrish
  • Norman Disney Shield

    2007Peter Hannam
  • Cyril Crawte Cup

    2010Tim Fry
  • Stevens Cup

    2012Andy Wheble
    2002Paul Osborn
    2001Paul Osborn
    1999Andy Wheble
    1998Andy Wheble
    1993Simon Whitley
    1992Neil Elisha
    1990Michael Absolom
    1989Neil Elisha
    1981Eddie Gulliver
    1978Mick Greathurst
    1970Harry Murphy
    1969Harry Murphy
  • Medstead Cup

    2010Andy Wheble
    2005Matt Haywood
    2000James Tomlinson
    1998Paul Roberts
    1997Michael Absolom
    1995Michael Absolom
    1992Graham Sampson
    1988Michael Spencer
    1986Neil Elisha
    1984Eddie Gulliver
    1983Eddie Gulliver
    1982Eddie Gulliver
  • Youth Honours






    2018U9SEHDLVariousMark Le Mare/Ally Cook
    2018U15SEHDLAlistair WhebleAndy Wheble
    2017U8TCYLVariousAlly Cook/Duncan Jennings/Mark Le Mare
    2017U15TCYLBen DowsonRoss Owen
    2017U19TCYL *Raveen SriharanSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2016U9TCYLOliver LucasRobert Perei
    2016U13SEHDLAlistair WhebleAndy Wheble
    2016U17WSYLWill KriehnSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2016U19TCYLCameron OosthuizenSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2015U12TCYLAlistair WhebleAndy Wheble
    2015U17TCYLRaveen SriharanSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2015U17WSYLRaveen SriharanSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell
    2014U15TCYLAlex Marden/Harrison WardMark Bussell/Phil Coleshill/Sri Sriharan
    2014U11TCYLAlistair WhebleAndy Wheble/Ian Roberts
    2014U9TCYLHenry GarrettGeoff Garrett
    2013U10TCYLAlistair WhebleAndy Wheble
    2013U15TCYLRaveen SriharanSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2012U11TCYL*VariousTim Fry
    2012U13TCYL *Harrison WardMark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2011U13’A’SEHDLRaveen SriharanSri Sriharan/Mark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2010U11’BSEHDLAnthony LewisMark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2010U17TCYLMax HeathPaul Heath/Phil Coleshill
    2009U11’B’SEHDLCharlie Sawyer & Richard SmartSri Sriharan
    2008U9TCYLHarrison WardMark Bussell/Rob Ward
    2008U15’B’SEHDLAlex WardPaul Heath/Phil Coleshill
    2007U9TCYLRaveen SriharanSri Sriharan
    1995U15TCYLAlistair Lindsey ClarkTim Fry
    1994U17Herald CupHuw StephensJim Sanders
    1993U11TCYLMatthew AllenTim Fry
    1990U17TCYLGary ClaphamKen Williams
    1990U17Herald CupGary ClaphamKen Williams
    1988U17TCYLBen DeighanKen Williams
    1988U17Herald CupBen DeighanKen Williams
    * Joint Winners

2010 I'Anson Cup Winners

  • Getting Involved

    Our club is run entirely by volunteers. Everyone has skills that can help in the smooth running of the club. Just a few ways can be found below;
  • Administration

    Plenty of small roles which you can do from the comfort of your home at your computer. Contact Elly - secretary@grayshottcc.co.uk
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  • Coaching

    A great way to get involved with your child's cricket, and without such Mums and Dads their would be no junior cricket. Contact Graham - youthmanager@grayshottcc.co.uk
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  • Grounds

    With two grounds we are always looking for help, and a great way of enjoying the fresh air. Contact Mark - mark.e.morris@gmail.com
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  • Social

    Along with a great game of cricket, comes the social side of the club, which is so important for a family orientated one. Contact Elly - secretary@grayshottcc.co.uk.co.uk
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