Grayshott's I'Anson Cup winning side in 1920

Celebrating 125 years of cricket in 2021

Adult Cricket

Grayshott Cricket Club is an open to all, family orientated cricket club situated in East Hampshire on the Hampshire/Surrey Border. The club was founded in 1896 and is one of the founder member clubs in the I’Anson Cup Competition. Grayshott is the only club that has played throughout the history of the competition, being the oldest competitive village league in the country. The competition was founded in Grayshott so the club has a strong affiliation with the competition and the ethos of village cricket.

Throughout most of its history the club has fielded two adult teams but since the start of the century with both expansion in the league and the number of junior members at the club, this number has increased to three adult teams, requiring the club to acquire a second ground

Youth Cricket

Started in 1959

Youth cricket has been played at Grayshott since 1959 and the club has always had a good reputation for promoting young cricketers, andpart of the club’s ethos being to develop young cricketers so they can play adult cricket in a safe environment. Testament to this is that many of our current adult teams are made up of players either former or current junior members at the club.

Youth cricket at the club has grown considerably in the last 15 years growing from just 30 members to over 200 and now including a dedicated girls group.

In 2017 the club embraced the ECB’s ALL STARS initiative attracting a further 100 children in 2019 between the age of 5 and eight years of age.