The sun was shining, birds were singing and the Chargers were out in force on Sunday facing the Frensham 1st IX .

Batting first, having lost the toss, the Chargers started strong, focusing on running the 1s and hitting the 4s. With a loss of only two wickets, one involving a truly impressive stump hitting throw from Frensham, the Chargers recorded a total of 302, including a morale boosting 13 4s! And giving Frensham a solid score to chase.

The sun continued to shine during the break, squash was poured, a quick rest in the shade was had by all and Frensham took up the bat. The Chargers continued to push hard, restricting run rates with some superb bowling and fielding. Taking four wickets and having a session that included stunning catches, maiden overs, an epic wicket-maiden (well done Soph!), phenomenal wicketkeeping and many a boundary save, Frensham were restricted to 279, with the Chargers taking the game.

A lovely post-match catch up with the Frensham team accompanied by a well deserved cold drink, some home made treats and fresh fruit, rounded off a fabulous afternoon.

Big thank you to our match officials Dave and Ian, and everyone who came to support us in the sunshine 🙂