To the tune of 12 Days of Christmas: ? ? 5 final teams, 4 mince pies, 3 batting pairs, 2 overs each and A match report to sum it all up! ??.

It was finals week for the Chargers after an enjoyable season in the indoor league this side of Christmas. First up was Frimley Phoenix and the Chargers started the night with a rare win on the coin toss and opted to field first. There was some fine batting from the Phoenix pairs and they racked up a respectable 247. Unperturbed by the score, the Chargers stepped into bat and were excellent at taking the 1s and 2s. Consistency and bravery on runs and many shouts throughout of “legs” – the three pairs managed to clinch the win with a fantastic 251 finish. The Chargers were through to the final and what a final it was.

Coming up against the hard ballers from Godalming, the Chargers knew it would be a big ask but having done it before, could they do it again? Another win on the coin toss, saw the Chargers opt to field again and this time bowled they did – catches, fielding and wickeying galore, the Chargers kept the score to 241. Taking a well fought 5 wickets off Godalming, it was all to play for in the second half. However, it was Godalming’s turn to unleash their bowling and fielding prowess and they were able to hold our pairs down on the dot balls and by taking 4 wickets, left the Chargers with 227 at the end of the game. Huge congrats to Godalming on the win!

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to organise and run the indoor league – a special mention must go to Russ who has been a fantastic umpire, coach and supporter to all teams throughout. It’s been great to play against friends and meet some new faces too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to more cricket in 2024