With the clouds starting to gather in the sky and the threat of rain ever present, the game between the Grayshott Strikers and the Peper Harrow Palominos got under way at Broxhead.

The Palominos opened the batting and the game was underway. The Strikers fielded with purpose, demonstrating solid bowling and fielding, limiting the first batting pair to 14 runs and taking 2 wickets. As the match continued, the Strikers remained strong with some fantastic boundary stops, catches, maiden overs and a further 3 wickets, limiting Peper Harrow to a total of 254/5.

As the Strikers went into bat, confidence was high. The Palominos fought hard to limit the runs and stay in the game but hitting 23 boundaries the Strikers took charge, scoring an impressive 341/4.

It was an excellent performance by all involved. A big thank you to our umpire Paul, and a special mention to the Palominos for a great game and for helping us clear the field.

Strikers: in green, L-R back row: Cady, Jenn, Sonia, Cath, Trace. From row: Nikkie TB, Patsy, Kate J.