Grayshott features strongly again in the Hampshire 2022/23 Winter RPC Selections with 41 boys being invited to attend the Winter RPC Coaching Sessions;

U9 – Noah Barton, Alfred Wright, Jack Bowers, Edward Little, Thomas Stainsby, Sebastian Stocker, William Peterken, Wilbur Metcalf & Will Newton

U10 – Alex Bergqvist, Freddie Davies, Harry Flanagan, Henry Weait, Jazz Dovey & Rupert Elmore,

U10 – Charlie Anderson, Charlie Hutchings, Dexter Clapham, Harry Mitchell, Henry Evans, Henry Kennedy, Jamie Paterson, Oliver Swarbrick, Oscar Rose & William Wright

U12 – Archie Cole, Ben Carr, Harry Tod, Henry Jacques, Justin Daukes, Michael Owen & Noah Hutchinson

U13 – Albert Churchill, William Macdonald, Louis Le Mare, & Milo Cavanagh

U14 – Alexander Pinhey, Riley Day, Tommy Hornsby & William Jennings

U15- Josh Budgen

Well done boys