The Surrey Indoor Smash It league continued for the Strikers, with two matches; against Grayswood and Churt. During the pre-Christmas league, the 5 teams play each other several times, gaining points from each macth. As well as 4 points for winning the match, there are also more points up for grabs. 1 point to the losing side for taking part, 1 bonus point for scoring over 260. There are then 3 additional points available, which are awarded to the winning pair from each match. So, it’s all to play for.

First match against Grayswood

In the first match, The Strikers batted first, opening with Charlie B & Jenn, who added 7 runs, losing 1 wicket. Next up was Sonia & Nicky who added 22 runs, without loss. Final pair Cath & Lisa brought it home in style to add 34 to the score, without loss. The Strikers finished on 263.

As Grayswood batted, bowling duties were shared amongst Charlie B, Sonia & Lisa. A great fielding and bowling display culminated in Grayswood finishing on 217 after, with the loss of 6 wickets. A great win for the Strikers, securing 8 points.

Next up, Churt

In the second match, Grayshott batted first again. Some great bowling and fielding restricted the Strikers to a score of 225, with the loss of 3 wickets. With a low score to defend the Strikers needed to be on form in the field. Once again bowling duties were shared between Charlie B, Sonia and Lisa. The first over got off to a hopeful start with a wicket, with 3 more falling for the first pair. Churt’s second pair added 6, with the loss of 1 wicket. Going into the 3rd and final pair, Churt were on -5. The last pair batted brilliantly to add 26, with the loss of 2 wickets. Churt finished on 221 runs, meaning the Strikers won the match by 4 runs. The Strikers secured 6 points for the win and two winning pairs.

Great team work Strikers!

The league continues on 6th November, after a two-week break.