Congratulations to Andy Wheble who picked uf a fifer in the 2s game at home to Hindhead on Saturday. Andy picked up 5-28 in 6.4 overs and steered the Shotts to victory with 19 no. You can read the match report below and see here some video footage from the game here.

It was damp day after the heatwave but that didn’t put anyone’s spirits down. Cricket looked like it was going to be off the cards but the weather held off to get cricket in and what a game of cricket it was. Despite the wet weather Hindhead decided to put Grayshott into the field.

The decision looked to be a good one with Hindhead being in strong position 50-1. This could of been even better for Hindhead, had not one of the opener’s left the ball to send the bails flying much to the delight of Brayshaw. There was not much for Grayshott to smile about after the wicket, with Ben Dowson and Ben Barclay bowling economically but not threatening the wickets enough.

There was a bit of frustration for the Shotts as Hindhead’s Babb spooned one up and with Toby Joyce trundling back to get what looked like a Grayshott breakthrough however it was fumbled. The misery was piled on for the skipper and Grayshott as Hindhead’s batsmen hit him for a flurry of boundaries before the drinks break. Hindhead looked to be in a commanding position with scoring at 5 an over and looking to push on with a solid base 101-1 after 22 overs.

It was be a magical drinks break as wickets started to tumble after the second ball with Joe Harrison slapping a ball straight to Barrie Owen at mid on which s started the collapse for Hindhead. This collapse was led by the bowling of Wheble. Five of the wickets going to Wheble and two to Aggar. There was a bit of fight back from the lower order from Hindhead but proved to little to late as they were all out for 154 after 34 overs giving 56 overs to Grayshott. Surely the game was in the bag for the Shotts?

With the break over the Shotts got off to a solid start with Alex Marden and Cam Oosthuizen (specialist slip fielder) starting at a steady pace and looking like the runs would be knocked off with ease. However Alex was adjudged to have been stumped and it did look close, however, on review it was in. Despite the early wicket the Shotts were starting to rebuild with Jac Mcbride finding the boundary multiple times. Wheble unfortunately Jinxed the specialist slip fielder Oostie finding point while playing a expansive drive. This left the Shotts 38-2. Jac was looking the pick of the bunch finding the boundary with ease at times and making it look simple. The same could not be said for the Skipper with a similar dismissal to Cam’s but finding cover. This brought Paul Scanlon to the crease with the partnership putting 40 odd on with both showing some calm to the game. This was not to last though with Jac putting one up in the air but made a solid 41 off 50 balls.

This left Scanlon at the crease with Aggar unfortunately feathering a edge to the keeper. Scanlon then found the inside edge of his bat onto his stumps. All of a sudden the Shotts are a 104 for 6. It could of gotten much worse when Brayshaw decided to have a slash at his first ball to thankfully get nowhere near it and decided to play proper cricket shots from there.

The game was made to look easy with Wheble and Brayshaw waiting for the bad balls. There was entertainment with Wheble punching a ball for Six and Brayshaw almost getting out with a top edge for a 3rd match in a row. Alas Hindhead’s efforts were to no avail with the Shotts finishing on 157-6 and having 18 overs spare. Pick over the Bowling for Hindhead was Will Hams picking up 4 wickets for 37 runs off 14 overs.