The outfield at the Sportsfield in Grayshott received significant renovation works this week. Following vertidraining work in December the Sportsfield has now been scarified and overseeded in two directions, followed by fertilisation treatment.

It needed 36 large bags of both seed and fertiliser to cover the whole field. To allow the seed to germinate no organised sporting or exercise activities will be allowed until the end of April and dogs owners are also being requested to stay off the field for a couple of weeks. It is hoped this will allow the field to be brought into use for the beginning of May.

Other than an annual weed and feed treatment the sportsfield at Grayshott has not received any mechanical renovation for over 25 years. The Sportsfield in Grayshott has been the cricket club`s main ground for over 100 years and these days is heavily used all year round by members of the local community, sports clubs, exercise groups and local schools.

This renovation work would not have been possible without the financial support of several organisations :-

Grayshott Parish Council

Hidden Gardens of Grayshott

Grayshott Cricket Club

Grayshott Football Club

Grayshott Sportsfield Committee

There is now a Five Year Sportsfield Care Plan in place to ensure the field continues to be kept in better condition for the benefit of the local community, sports clubs and other users.