Work to eradicate to Chafer Grubs from the Upper field at Broxhead has started. Eradication is difficult and expensive since the ban on chemicals to treat chafer grubs. The problem is now a growing one across the UK, infecting gardens lawns to golf courses and sports grounds.

Scarification of the field, followed by verti drain aeration was the preparatory work for the spraying of nematodes.

This spraying has to take place in the rain to wash the nematodes into the ground to provide the best of chance of success. Seeding and fertilisation will take place shortly.

A further application of nematodes will be made next year.

The work is being undertaken by Southern Ground Care Ltd and is being funded through Developers Contributions from East Hants District Council S106 Fund.

The club is grateful for this financial support as without it we would not be undertake this work. The main damage is caused by birds foraging for the grubs and you can see below the damage caused on just one day.